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What Michael Gruber from Austria says

Michael Gruber from Klagenfurt in Austria found our Händel Compact speakers and ordered a pair. Here is what he writes:

Day 1: "The speakers arrived and are burning in. Already I am very impressed. They already sound great! Thanks Michael"

Day 8: "The Händels get better and better. I am really impressed. And my wife likes the beauties too ;-)) - Best regards Michael"

Day 19: "22 [tu:tu:] amplifier and Qualifi Händel! Perfect sounding and beautiful combination :-)) - Michael"

Day 24: "After several tries: the final setup! Thanks a lot! Michael"


Quali-Fi - sound for connoisseurs

Quali-Fi is a Danish company, specialized in producing full-range loudspeakers in advanced cabinets made of sustainable materials and a touch of Scandinavian design simplicity. The listener's musical experience is unique in its detail, nuance and three-dimensional perspective.

The philosophy behind our designs is a mixture of old principles, developed by sound pioneers in the first half of the 20th century, and the latest technology in cabinet design and sustainability.

Horns powered by a single full-range unit creates a highly nuanced sound with a great amount of clarity, dynamics and depth. At the same time, they are very effective and can be powered with a far less energy consumption; this also preserves the richness of detail optimally. Other of our cabinets come close with simpler design methods.

Quali-Fi creates a unique listening experience, without having to compromise on sustainability idea, which is the foundation behind all our work. Pure sound - pure and simple.


New Member of the Händel Family

Quali-Fi has added yet another member to the Händel family: Händel Horn 6, delivered with metal or papir cone.

MarkAudio's version with a  paper cone of their smallest Alpair 6 speaker unit, cannot be beaten when it comes to delivering detail. With a smooth amplifier and good recordnings, the listener will experience unsurpassed resolution of detail.

Händel Horn 6 is a somewhat smaller cabinet than our Classic Händel Horn 7, it is very slim and elegant.

Händel Horn 6 has the same unique three-dimensional and detailed sounde typical of all our speakers. The small Alpair 6P is incrdibly detailed but also revealing, Alpair 6M is delivered as per special order. Both delivers solid bass for such a small unit - down to 40 Hz.

Read more about the Händel Family here... and Händel Horn here...


About bamboo and sustainability

Quali-Fi speakers are based on sustainable principles. The basic material in our hiQ and bassQ cabinets is bamboo, more specifically it is bamboo strips which are laminated into a super strong board using environmentally friendly glue. All cabinets are afterwards given a finishing treatment with organic bees wax that protects the surface and brings out the bamboo's natural warm colors and beautful structure.


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