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Background Bamboo

A bamboo board is born

Before we can have a finished bamboo board in our hands that can be used for speaker cabinets, a larger process has to take place.

We would like to take you on this written tour: from bamboo forest to bamboo board.


About bamboo and sustainability

Quali-Fi speakers are based on sustainable principles. The basic material in our hiQ and bassQ cabinets is bamboo, more specifically it is bamboo strips which are laminated into a super strong board using environmentally friendly glue. All cabinets are afterwards given a finishing treatment with organic bees wax that protects the surface and brings out the bamboo's natural warm colors and beautful structure.


Why use bamboo for speaker cabinets?

The bamboo boards that we use for our cabinets are produced of many small bamboo strips glued together in several layers. This together with the built in strength and sturdiness of bamboo assures superb stability and resistance against resonance.

This is the first prerequisite for building excellent speaker cabinets.

The natural warm color and structure of the bamboo fits well with the present time after a time of sterile black-and-white being in fashion. We were charmed by this natural look and the design also highlights the special color patterns alongside the edges of the bamboo boards. We always use carbonised bamboo; this means that the bamboo has been heated. The natural sugar in the bamboo has now become brown - "pretty much like caramelizing something" as Ole Holse from Holse & Wibroe explained.

All this was pretty much all the convincing, we needed, to make bamboo the characteristic of our hiQ product line. It takes experience and care to work with bamboo boards; the saw blades have to be ultra sharp as not to fray the edges; the same goes for the cutter. Bamboo is after all a grass with long fibers and not a tree. The finishing is not that hard; it is easy to sand the bamboo boards and it creates a silky smooth surface - but it has to be done with care in order to get a uniform look.

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