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Background Bamboo About bamboo and sustainability

About bamboo and sustainability

Quali-Fi speakers are based on sustainable principles. The basic material in our hiQ and bassQ cabinets is bamboo, more specifically it is bamboo strips which are laminated into a super strong board using environmentally friendly glue. All cabinets are afterwards given a finishing treatment with organic bees wax that protects the surface and brings out the bamboo's natural warm colors and beautful structure.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world with qualities that are similar to hardwood. There are more then 1.000 diferent bamboo species that can survive under most different growth conditions. The plant is fully grown within three to five years, which makes it ideal for replanting in exhausted forest areas.

Some species can grow very large with poles that are over 40 meters high and almost 30 centimeters thick. Bamboo has a tensile strength that is higher than steel and can unlike the exotic hardwoods be harvested without harming the living plant.

Although bamboo is the only thing the great panda eats there is no need to worry that the commercial exploitation of bamboo will threaten this cute animal. There is more then enough bamboo in the world and unfortunately very few pandas.

Bamboo can be used in many ways and has for millennia been used as building material, medicine, food, musical instruments, furniture and boats.

Bamboo plantation deliveres a higher amount of oxegyn to the atmosphere than a equivalent forest area thus an important factor in the global CO2 balance. Bamboo is up to 35% more effiecient in converting CO2 to oxygen than forest. Finally, the dense and quickly branched root system is ideal to counteract erosion. The soil underneath the bamboo plants are practically woven into an impervious blanket and effectively prevents leaching of topsoil.


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