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Background Nepal - sustainable help

Nepal - helping people help themselves

Qualifi suports income generating projects in Nepal

As a Qualifi customer, you can also help. Pay 2.5, 5 or 10% more for the product, the amount will be sent to Nepal and we double it from our profit. For amounts over DKK 500 you can get a tax deduction under Danish law.

We got to know Rajkumar when he was in Denmark for 9 months studying. He and his wife Purnima has a very extensive work in Katmandu, Nepal. Rajkumar is only 6" 2, but has a huge personality, insight and commitment that can serve as an ideal for us comfortable Northerners.

Rajkumar grew up i a very poor village and had to walk several hours every day in order to get to school. That is probably why he is so committed to help people create an existence for themsleves in the extremely poor villages in the mountains.

Rajkumar is the leader of af school in, a minister in a local Christian church, teaches at other locations and travels the country to teach.

We have chosen from Qualifi to support his "GBS income regenerating program". The idea is to help people help them selves. In stead of just giving people food, teach them how to manage them selves, and give them something to get started on.

Our customers can help by paying 2.5, 5 or 10% more for the products, we add the same amount from our profit and send it every quarter to Nepal. We work with other Danish organizations operating in the same territory, so we know that money does not evaporate to other purposes or corruption. We have chosen to work with someone with passion and in whom we trust.

The first initiative

Rajkumar asked in the villages what the needed at most. The answer was that they really wanted some goats, so that they could start raising a small herd and earning money. Rajkumar made a "social contract" with a number of leader and ministers, that they should return the price for the goats (or two young goats) after two years so that others could then start, based on the same capital. Here they have the first meeting explaining the rules:

A small herd of goats was purchased and Rajkumar travelled out and distributed them. Here he is seen in his impeckable suit, however the smell of the goats must have been quite strong. They were not billy goats though, the whole idea was to have baby goats.

People were very grateful and the project is going really well, the first goats have been returned and the second round of villagers has received goats.








Finally in true oriental style everything is recorded for all posterity:

Perhaps we think, "why make such a fuss out of it, it is just a pair of goats". But we are dealing with peple here, that not necessarily know where next day's meal for the kids will come from, and maybe they don't even have clean water.

The next initiative - sewing machines

The next project was to teach women in the villages to make their own garments and also be able to make an income by selling their products. We found old fashioned sewing machines in India, no electricity in the villages, you see. We found a lady who could teach the villagers to produce quality. It is a huge success.

Water for families

In the villages the people quite often do not have access to clean water, consequently illnesses - especially among children - flourish. Raj Kumar saw a great need, we send him the money for a couple of wells. Here the happy villagers receive the "advanced" pumps, that would have embarrassed us 50 years ago. But now 10 families have clean water.

What is coming?

We are trying to raise money so that we can start teaching the villagers other skills that can help them provide for their families. This will take place from the school already started around the sewing machine project.


We only work with projects that focuses on making it possible for people to provide for them selves and their families, where the money normally return to the tressaury, so it can be spent on other people and activities.

There is no overhead, administration or expensive travels to be covered. Quite simply we ask our customers to support the project by paying a little extra for the products.



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