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Background Speaker units
Speaker units

Speaker units

Speaker units are the electromechanical devices in a speaker system, which convert electrical signals into sound - movements in the air. Virtually all designs today consist of a magnetic motor that generates motion based on electric impulses coupled to a membrane or cone of a certain size in order to move the optimal amount of air. The cone can be manufactured using different materials such as paper, metal (for example aluminum) or some other combination with a coating that makes the membrane rigid and preventing distortion.


About full-range loudspeakers

Are you thinking about buying a full-range speaker system? Then it is a good idea to consider what kind of audio experience, you want to achieve. If your goal is 120 dB low frequency dynamics located precisely at your listening position, then maybe the full-range system is not what you are looking for. If on the other hand you appreciate openness, depth and precise reproduction of the sound image, well, then you will not find a better system.


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