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Background The story behind Quali-Fi

The history behind Quali-Fi

Ole Brøndum, who started Qualifi in the seventies, and I have often enjoyed good music together.

In 2009 we discovered that a lot was happening in the audio area but especially when it came to loudspeakers.

  • In the past 10 years many enthusiasts had developed mathematical models and software that made it possible to design and simulate speakers cabinets with a previously unheard of precision.
  • Design and construction of speaker units had taken some giant leaps forward in terms of frequency area, 3 dimensional spreading of sound and reduction of distortion.
  • New sustainable bamboo material had appeared and it gave a new aesthetic and acoustic dimension to loudspeakers.

We got together with a bunch of enthusiasts from England, Canada and Hong Kong and out of this mix came the ideas to our first products. We knew from the start that focus should be on full-range units, since the clarity they offer in the sound stage is basically superior. At the same time we would let all our designs be simple above all. We experimented with different cabinet types and found those, we thought, would fit our audience of music lovers the best and at the same time look good in the living room.

When we listened to Markaudio's Alpair 7 for the first time we had to surrender - no matter what price range, you will not find such a nuanced and three-dimentional sound anywhere else. Markaudio became our preferred supplier of speaker units.

We found the Danish company Holse & Wibroe, who have specialized in bamboo products and they could provide us with high quality furniture bamboo boards, where the bamboo had been grown sustainably and the boards had been produced with environmentally friendly materials.

We also found a local company that could produre our cabinets; Kirkegaard Design in Billund are experts in interior design, custom furniture and models.

By the end of 2009 the first series of the Bach speakers were produced, the design was fine-tuned with details and damping. The first customers got their speakers delivered and every single one of them were very enthusiastic.

Since then it has been non-stop with new models, customers and new routes to market.

-- Kurt B. Nielsen


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