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The hiQ speakers

Design, aesthetics and acoustic quality

The hiQ design line have cabinets in bamboo, which is a uniquely sustainable material. The impact on the earths' ecosystem is a very positive side effect of our use of bamboo. It is, however, the plant's acoustic and aesthetic qualities that makes it the ideal material for our speaker cabinets.


When producing the boards, we use in our cabinets, the bamboo poles are split in strips, hardened and laminated. The result of the process is a bamboo board that in itself is incredible non-resonating, damping resonances far more efficiently than the materials normally used in the manufacturing of speakers.

Because of the newest CNC technology and skilled craftsmen, it is possible to make use of the bamboo's natural beauty in simple and elegant cabinets that have more in common with sculpture and furniture designs than traditional audio designs.

The simple and clean lines of the cabinets are combined with full-range drivers of the highest quality. The full-range drivers provide details in sound that are incredible, they fill the room with a three dimensional soundstage in a way that is rarely matched. Again we see that the simplest solution often is the most optimal.

At Quali-Fi the auditory and visual experience meet in one work of art, which unites sustainability, aesthetics and acoustical quality. No waste, no artificial sounds, no filters.

Our hiQ products include the models:


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