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The hiQ speakers Händel Family
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Händel family

The Händel family of speakers is the latest series developed by Qualifi. The idea came from listening to older transmissionline speakers and noticing the precission and clarity of the bass. At the same time we were experimenting with Open Baffle bass reproduction and came to the conclusion that much of the experience of the lower octaves of musical reproduction depends on the impulse characteristics of the speaker. The listener’s experience is not all about the frequency response but just as much about how the pressure wave develops in the first 10 to 20 milliseconds.

After some computer simulations it became evident that the Markaudio range of speaker units were ideal for variations of transmissionline speakers. The speakers are easy to get a decent bass out of and the TL Cabinet adds to the mix the well behaved impulse characteristics. Through measurements we also found that a rather narrow cabinet produced a very smooth midrange without any peaks or troughs. The Händel family comes with all the Alpair drivers, it consists of 2 main models and two for home cinema applications:


Common features of the Händel line

All members of the Händel family can be ordered in different finishings. They can all be delivered in our silky smooth bamboo, as the Händel Compact 6P shown here; but the speakers are also in different paints and lacquer. Special finshings in cloth or other material can be delivered on request.

The adaptability of the Händel family is ideal for those who want their audio equipment carefully matched to their interior design. All of the Händel speakers have the unique three-dimensional and detailed sound. Their bass reproduction various with size and can suit any taste.

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