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Händel Horn

The Händel Horn is a slim floorstander, a transmissionline horn hybrid with exeptional bass reproduction. Drums and contrabass have a serious attack that brings the music to life in an extraordinary manner. This excellent rendering of bass is the main difference between this and the other members of the Händel series. The Händel Horn is suited as the main speaker in a stereo setup or as the front speaker in a home cinema installation. It is ideally placed at some distance from the rear and side walls. The rear firing horn mouth should not be backed completely up against a wall.


Driver Finish Ohm/
Size (H*B*D) Frequency/Hz
A6P Bamboo 3.8/15/86 102*14.5*16.5/28 40-20,000
A7 Bamboo 5.4/20/86 103.0*17*22.3/34.3 38-20,000
A10M Bamboo 7.2/30/92 104.0*21.0*28.0 32-22,000
A10P Bamboo 6.2/30/92 104.0*21.0*28.0 32-22,000
A12 Hi-gloss 7.0/30/92 114.0*26.0*36.0 32-22,000

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