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About us

For more than 30 year our passion for good and well-defined sound has been a driving force. In early 2009 we got our ideas organized into a shared vision of creating a series of loudspeakers with sustainable design and uncompromising sound quality.

Quali-Fi was born.

The basis for our work is a series of innovations that have changed the audio area radically during the last 10 years.

Newly invented mathematical models and sofware makes it possible to design and simulate speaker cabinets with unprecedented precision. Design and construction of speaker units has taken a quantum leap forward in terms of achievable frequency area, propagation of sound and reduction of distortion. The bamboo material gives a unique and new aesthetic and acoustic dimension to the speaker cabinets

The Quali-Fi Manifesto

All our speakers are designed based on some consistent principles:

  • Clarity and detail above all - design with full-range units.
  • Simplicity above all - no-nonsense designs.
  • Efficiency above all - development of sustainable and low energy cabinets.
  • Music lovers above all others - sophisticated three-dimensional sound.

Kurt B. Nielsen

Kurt is originally educated as an acoustic engineer but has always worked with software, management and marketing. A passion for speakers and especially full-range designs, however, has accompanied him since the early 1970's. In the 90's he built a small series of special speakers to the custom-build and enthusiast market.

At the discovery of Mark Fenlon's groundbreaking speaker units, Kurt saw the possiblity of converting a lifelong passion into a business. He contacted Ole Brøndum with the idea of creating Danish quality loudspeakers centered on music appreciators, sustainability and aesthetics.

Ole Brøndum

Ole has tried a little bit of everything, but in the 1970's and 80's he was practically Mr. hi-fi in Denmark. Ole owned the company Quali-Fi, which imported a wide range of quality products including speakers from JBL. Quali-Fi also supplied audio equipment for the national broadcasting service (Danmarks Radio), recording studios, concert promoters etc. and started the hi-fi wave for ordinary consumers in Denmark. Back in those days, JBL were the Mercedes' of loudspeakers.

Ole has always had a passion for music - all kinds of classic and acoustic music and for speakers that can reproduce the music properly. So it did not take much persuasion before Ole fell for Kurt's speaker project and together they revived the Quali-Fi name.

Ole has listened to almost everything when it comes to loudspeakers, and he says: "Regardless of price range, I have never heard anything the makes the speakers disappear and the music come to the forefront and step into character as our Bach with Alpair7 does. Unfortunately though, there now is a part of my music collection I do not want to listen to anymore, because I now can hear how bad the recording quality is."


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