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Home Maintenance



Our loudspeakers are also interior design elements in your living or listening room - they are delicate pieces of furniture in organic materials. Like everything else these should be maintained.

Maintaining speaker cabinet in bamboo

Our cabinets have been treated with beeswax from the Danish manufacturer Trip Trap. To preserve the warm colors and the beautiful structure it is a very good idea to treat your cabinets with beeswax from time to time.

The wax is applied with a soft cloth and polished after a few minutes with a clean and soft cloth. Because the material is natural and organic it may vary from cabinet to cabinet, as to when it is time for the wax treatment. If the speaker cabinet is exposed to direct sunlight the bamboo might dry out faster. If the bamboo no longer feels silky to the touch or there are brighter spots, then it is high time to give your cabinet another wax treatment.

We can provide a maintenance kit with beewax, soft cloth and fine sandpaper, if your cabinet has minor scratches.

Manintaining the speaker units

The speaker units from Markaudio are delicate precision instruments; they have to be handled with care. Especially the ultra thin aluminum cone can easily be damaged - it should not be touched.

What should you do if there is dust on your speaker units? The best solution is to use an old fashioned soft feather duster. If something a little more sticky is on your units then you can use a soft damp cloth VERY carefully to remove possible dirt particles.


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