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Home News Händel Horn 10

Händel Horn 10

Quali-Fi's Händel Horn 10 can be ordered with metal as well as paper cone. MarkAudio's latest version of their classic Alpair 10 speaker unit is vastly improved, the metal cone metal cone is powerful and a true bigger brother of the Alpair 7. The version with a paper cone provides extreme resolution of detail. 

We find it hard to tell the difference between the Alpair 10P and its bigger prother the Alpair 12P. It has extreme resolution, speed in transients and an effciency approaching 90 dB.


The Händel Horn 10 is a somewhat smaller cabinet than Händel Horn 12. We have found some very aesthetically dimensions of the cabinet. Haendel Horn 10 will please the eye in any living room. Händel Horn 10 is delivered in bamboo and in in black or white lacquer on order.

Händel Horn 10 has the unique thre-dimensionelle and detaijed sound characterizing all of our speakers. 10P is superbly detailed but also very revealing, 10M is effectively a bigger brother to the Alpair 7 and delivers more sound pressure and deeper bass. The bass from both are very clean and can be trimmed to the room the are placed in.

Read more about the Händel family here... and about the Händel Horn here...


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