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Bach reaches to the sky

Our Bach loudspeaker is a special, rediscovered design. As in so many other aspects of life, the secret is actually simplicity.

The Bach cabinet is a special variant of a TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube). It consists of a long conical horn with a fold at the bottom and the horn opening facing upwards. The speaker unit is placed at a precise and purposeful distance from the closed end of the horn. Our standard Bach loudspeaker (Bach-7) is fitted with the Markaudio Alpair 7 unit.

This cabinet has some very special qualities that make some of us hold this one as our favorite. The sound fills the room in a very special way, the bass is extraordinarily open and very precise. The three-dimentional sound image and the amount of detail is not found in many other designs, no matter what price they come at. Many people have compared the sound from this type of cabinet with the sound coming from a so called Open Baffle, which has a large fan base among music appreciators, because of its open and seemingly effortless sound image.

The Bach cabinet uses the listening room actively - in order to get the best result Bach must be placed in a corner or at least up against a back wall. The corner or the back wall simply works as the continuation of the horn. There are conflicting opinions of, why this design sounds better than the computer simulations indicate. The most probable explanation is that because the horn opens upwards the room's vertical resonance is put into vibration in a different way than other designs. The fact that the bass is sent upwards, also provides it with more space, contrary to basses that send sound out along the floor stiffling the sound because of furniture and other things in the sound range. Our speakers do not suppress the deep notes of the bass, but rather makes it possible for the longer sound waves og the bass to fill the room.

The design was rediscovered in 2005 by Terry Cain, a cabinetmaker from the United States with an interest in speaker designs. This cabinet soon got its nickname BIB (Bigger is Better) - you can read about his first discoveries here... and the following extensive discussion here... the discussion has been going on for four and half year now and new ideas and inputs still pop up from time to time.

When we discovered this cabinet design, we built some test versions, and when we then also came across Markaudio’s Alpair 7 full-range unit, which gives supplies superb sound in these cabinets, we were convinced. We clearly had to get a product based on this construction out in to the market.

The simplicity of the construction is staggering, the tuning - producing a balanced sound image - is carried out with damping material at the closed end of the horn, the area behind the unit and at the fold at the bottom. Our partner Scott Lindgren from Woden design has helped us understand how to trim this design to get maximum performance out of it.

Bach can be fitted with different versions of the so called "baffle", where the speaker unit is mounted. The larger baffle prevents that certain frequency ranges shortcuts acoustically around the cabinet and it eliminates the diffraction around a narrow cabinet.

Try it for yourself - with a pair of Bach speakers and a suitable amplifier you will hear details, that you never heard before in your music collection and your recordings. But just as a warning: you might get addicted, bad recordings will be revealed mercilessly.

Technical details:

Ohm/Watt/dB 3.6/20/86
Size (H*W*D) 122.0*17.0*23.0
Freq. range/Hz 42-20,000

Currently not in stock, plesae contact us for availability.

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