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After we had built the Mozart speaker, we were asked if we could design a version that could be placed in a more traditionel way, maybe on a bookshelf or on a speaker stand. The result was Chopin.

Everything, we have said about Mozart, is also true for Chopin, which has the same inside volume as Mozart. The lower height makes Chopin act almost like a conventional bass reflex cabinet. We have however retained the special port design directly in the cabinet. This makes the difference between Mozart and Chopin minimal, only that Chopin has a slightly looser and less loud bass. They are, however, so close that even the trained ear can be deceived from time to time. The placement of the speaker in the room can easily make a bigger difference. Chopin is 39 centimeter high, 22.5 centimeter wide and 24.5 centimeter deep.

Chopin should be chosen by those, who prefer the classic speaker look in contrast to Mozart's tall slim profile or by those, who space for it on a stand or shelf and not on the floor.

Technical details:

Ohm/Watt/dB 3.6/20/86
Size (H*W*D) 39.0*22.5*24.5
Freq. range/Hz 42-20,000

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