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The Mozart loudspeaker is actually a throw-back to the 70's where the company Epicure Products Inc. ("EPI") had great success with their so called Micro Towers. The original design was with two speaker units, one with a forward direction the other with a backward direction. It is a lot like our design Strauss - read more about Strauss here...

We where so spellbound by the Markaudio Alpair 7 unit that we wanted to create a beautiful product that took up less space than our Bach speaker. At the same time it was our perception that the Alpair 7 unit, with its three-dimentional qualities, produced the optimal experience, when there was only one unit present with a forward direction.

The result was Mozart. With its tall slender appearence it will blend into the room in an elegant way and become a piece of furniture or even art in its own right. Mozart is wider than it is deep, unlike most modern speakers. Actually it is only 13.5 centimeter deep, which makes it possible for it to be placed up against a wall taking up a minimum amount of space. The width is 22.5 centimeter and the height is 83.5 centimeter.

The design is a so called “end-loaded TL”; a transmission route that ends in a port. We have chosen to build the port into the cabinet itself, first of all because it looks better than a traditional round plastic port and secondly, because this type of port provides a higher acoustic resistive component in the port, which makes the bass sound more sturdy and not so 'booming' as it might in a traditional resonating round port. Naturally we also wanted our products to have a sustainable design, therefore as little plastic as possible is used.

As you can see, the front is chamfered at a 45 degree angle. Aesthetically this presents a unique expression that exposes the refined structure of the bamboo. However, there is also an acoustic reason for softening the edge, it diminishes the diffraction of the mid range and Alpair 7's excellent three-dimensional qualities are demonstrated at their very best.

Mozart is as good as Bach at providing nuances in the midrange area, although it might not fill the room with soundstage in quite as impressive a way. The bass is dry and recise and percussion instruments are exact and well-defined.

We are convinced, that we have found a good balance between form and function with Mozart. It is our experience that the sculptural effect of the tall slim cabinet is appreciated by female audiences. That is why Mozart is said to have a fairly high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Mozart is designed in collaboration with David Dlugos from Planet10 hi-fi in Canada; he had the original idea for construction; we addapted it to the Alpair 7 and our bamboo design.

Technical details:

Ohm/Watt/dB 3.6/20/86
Size (H*W*D) 83.5*22.5*13.5
Freq. range/Hz 42-20,000

Currently not in stock, plesae contact us for availability.

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