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Our flagship is Wagner, a double-mouth horn of around 200 liters, it measures 180 centimeter in height and is driven by Markaudio’s Alpair 12, an 8” unit that breaks several barriers loudspeaker design - you can read more about it here...

We wanted to have the ultimate loudspeaker in our product line and of course we had our focus on Alpair 12 with its extreme dynamic range and detail. We discussed with Scott Lindgren from Woden Design in England and the choice fell upon a large custom designed double-mouth horn after the Olson-Nagaoka principle, where the horn consists of a series of regtangular chambers from the speaker unit to the horn opening. Scott has put all his experience and creativity into this design, and we have worked long and hard on chamber sizes and damping the horn in just the right way to get a natural sound image. The critical part with these kinds of speakers is always the frequency range where the speaker unit crosses over to the horn.

The design with two horn openings gives a very unique sound image, because of the sound wave, in the area where the horn amplifies the sound, which almost takes on the shape of a cylinder that expands. We are talking seriously grand music here; but this loudspeaker requires a room of 30-40 m2 and a listening distance at four to five meters in order to demonstrate its full potential. When you have a room like that, then there is nothing that compares to this design - independent of price. When it comes to nuance and filling the room with a grand sound stage, this is the ultimate set of speakers.

Wagner is especially well suited for classical music and live recordings, where you will sense the original room's acoustic properties. One of our reference CD's is Leonard Cohen's concert recording from London and it caused us problems. For a long time we were not satisfied with the sound; it sounded like Mr. Cohen had his head up a bucket when he sang. But a special damping of the last fold in the horn solved that problem.


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