Bach – reaches to the sky

Our Bach loudspeaker is a special, rediscovered design. As in so many other aspects of life, the secret is actually simplicity. The Bach cabinet is a special variant of a TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube). It consists of a long conical horn with a fold at the bottom and the horn opening facing upwards. The speaker unit is placed at a precise distance from the closed end of the horn to reduce resonances.

This cabinet has some very special qualities that make some listeners hold this one as their favorite. The sound fills the room in a very special way, the bass is extraordinarily open and very precise. Many people have compared the sound from this type of cabinet with the sound coming from a so called Open Baffle, which has a large fan base among music appreciators, because of its open and seemingly effortless sound image.

The Bach cabinet uses the listening room actively – in order to get the best result Bach must be placed in a corner or at least up against a back wall. The corner or the back wall works as the continuation of the horn. The excites the room’s vertical resonance in a very different and powerful way.

The design was rediscovered in 2005 by Terry Cain, a cabinetmaker from the United States with an interest in speaker designs. This cabinet soon got its nickname BIB (Bigger is Better). Quali-Fi changed some parameters and the damping through computer simulations to reduce standing resonances in the horn.

The original production run of Bach is sold out, but we are still producing Bachs as per order. Currently Bach can be delivered with Alpair 7 metal or paper and with Alpair 12P. In the gallery, te last 4 images shows the custom production and final installation of a special order to deliver the Bach 12P to Athens in Greece.